Our Art Journey

During the “Quarantine of 2020”, the boys and I took up a new hobby, Acrylic Painting. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and have even sold some of our art work! Asa, the youngest, really jumped in and started doing a lot of paintings. Salem, my middle son, got interested because he wanted to do something for his room, and he enjoyed it.

Through that, we learned acrylic pouring, resin acrylic, geode resin, and resin art. OH yeah, and soap! Believe me, there’s an art form to soap!

We do sell these, if you’re interested. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy our art as much as we have enjoyed making it! Our motto is “perfectly imperfect” and that’s ok – we accept our passion and our results! Go to our Etsy store if you’re interested!

Acrylic Pouring

Resin Art

Geode Resin Art


Published by Joy

I'm a mom of boys. Three of them to be exact. I'm obsessed with teaching them to accept others, loving people unconditionally and being encouragers in a world that needs encouragement. I'm a friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife, employee, follower of Christ, but none of that defines me. I define me through Christ who has given me the free will to do just that. I want others to learn to define themselves and not others; learn to love people where they are; learn to recognize toxic relationships; learn to be leaders and not followers; learn self acceptance; learn to see the beauty in others.

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