Vlog Posts

vlog #24 – Handling New Stress

vlog #23 – The Raw and The Real

vlog #22 – The Art of Accepting a Compliment

vlog #21 – Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

vlog #20 – He is God Over the Storm

God Over the Storm

vlog #19 – Cutting People Out of Your Life

Cutting People Out

vlog #18 – Being Fake (Bloopers follow)

Don’t be Fake

vlog #17 – The Mom Life

Mom Life

vlog #16 – Emotional Healing

Begin your healing journey.

vlog #15 – Expectations

Setting Expectations

vlog #14 – Happiness

Choosing Happiness

vlog #13 – Maturity


vlog #12 – Getting in alignment

Keep you circle small

vlog #11 – Comparison

Competition through Comparison

vlog #10 – Who do you love?

Let’s talk about love baby…

vlog #9 – Pieces of Me


It’s all about a necklace.

vlog #8 – Pick Your Words

How do you speak to yourself?

vlog #7 – It’s all in a name!

How did I come up with the name “The Art of Acceptance”?

vlog #6 – 1st Week of School

I know, it’s so late! 1st week of school – Complete!

vlog #5 – Letters to My Sons

I wrote a book y’all!

vlog #4 – Meet Elijah

Meet the boy that made me a mom, Elijah, as he makes his way through a Mother’s Day confession!

vlog #3 – Meet Salem

Meet Salem, as he answers what he’s learned from me.

vlog #2 – Meet Asa

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend coming up, meet my baby boy, Asa

vlog #1 – Introduction

Introduction of The Art of Acceptance and what I’m hopeful for!

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